Payroll Services

In 2014, WABTS has expanded its abilities to service clients payroll needs by partnering with ADP (Automatic Data Processing) to provide payroll services not only to clients with 1 to 25 employees, but now the number of employees are unlimited.  Our complete and confidential payroll services eliminate the uncertainties of processing payroll for your employees. Let us do what we do best to allow you to focus on more critical issues related to your business. 

Managing your small business payroll services should be easy and worry-free and it is with better payroll services from WABTS & ADP.  Better payroll services mean:

  • risk of compliance-related issues and penalties are payroll tax and payroll processing

  • reductions in time, effort and money spent on managing and running payroll

  • tools that put payroll information into the hands of HR managers and workers, wherever they are

  •, more efficient processes across every area of your business that intersects with small business payroll services, like retirement plans and workers' compensation insurance